Congratulations to Chief David Strumolo!


On March 6, 2018, David Strumolo was sworn in as the new Chief of the Harrison Police Department.  He was surrounded by family, friends, supporters, over two dozen uniformed officers and several retired officers from the Harrison Police Department.


We wish the new chief all the best as he takes the reigns of the Harrison Police Department!


We are grateful to our family, friends, law enforcement partners and the residents of Harrison for all their support throughout the past few months.


We thank Mayor James Fife, the Police Committee and the Town Council for taking the time to get to know the candidates and ultimately making such an important decision.  A labor union's relationship with a municipality is at times contentious; but it will always be the goal of the Harrison PBA to communicate effectively with and work cooperatively with the the Mayor and Council because ultimately - we all work for the fine residents of Harrison!


Officers gather prior to the swearing in.

Chief Strumolo being sworn in by Mayor James Fife as his family and the town council witness the oath.

Chief David Strumolo with officers from the Harrison Police after the ceremony.